Silvia Rosales

Mandala Artist

Ever since she was a child, Silvia Rosales has engaged with the arts. She learned painting from her mom, an art teacher in her native Argentina – where she worked as a child actress on TV. As a young adult, she appeared in Telemundo soap operas and on Nickelodeon. She has been a model for multiple international companies, including Pierre Cardin, Elizabeth Arden, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, and Publix. In the U.S. for more than 15 years, Rosales decided in 2014 to become a visual artist to express a growing sense of religious thankfulness. Her first painting turned out round, symmetrical, and mandala-like. From there she developed her own style, and now creates mandalas representing virtues of the soul, such as love, peace, and gratitude. Rosales moved to Coral Gables in 2020 and now paints from home. 

Silvia Rosales - Mandala Artist

Latest Endeavors

Over the last few years, Rosales’ work has been featured at the Beijing International Art Exhibition, the Los Angeles Art Show, the Shanghai Art Fair and in galleries in Argentina, Miami, and Doral. Some of her pieces are displayed in homes and offices in the Gables ( Prior to the pandemic, she created several large works as a performance art show at the Spectrum Red Dot show during the last Miami Art Week-Art Basel. Her most recent work will be showcased at the Ninoska Huerta Gallery on Miracle Mile beginning June 11. 

What She Says

“My art focuses on powerful virtues, emotions, and energy,” says Rosales. “Nikolai Tesla said we’re all energy, frequency, and vibrations… I paint with both hands simultaneously, sometimes with pointillist style. I start from the center, without a sketch. I follow my intuition, inspired in God. I work for hours, maybe seven or more, and don’t get up until the mandala is finished. The colors flow from each virtue: Red is gratitude; pink, love; orange, abundance and prosperity; green, hope and healing; and yellow, wisdom. I live and feel my artwork during the process.”