How to Shop for the Girl Who Has Everything

Exploring the Choices at Anthropologie

Anthropologie (or Anthro, as it’s lovingly known by its loyalists) is a staple in Coral Gables. It is a go-to destination for women with a particular mindset – and for those in need of a gift for said women. They are best classified as well-heeled, well-traveled, and sophisticated, with an earthy bent. And usually they already have the material items one would normally crave; therefore, Anthropologie’s meticulously curated selection of clothing and accessories, candles, décor and beauty products is appealing.

When I stepped into the Merrick Park store (it was a pretty big step, as it was my first time at a shopping center since early March), I was hit with the sensations of pure joy and wanderlust. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve missed getting out of the house, but it could also be the dried bouquets of flowers that decorate the vibrant displays, or the autumn-hued dresses and cozy sweaters that beckoned me to dream about a future vacation.

I visited the brick and mortar shop, rather than simply shopping online, because in my opinion there’s nothing like perusing a physical store. Also, I needed some inspiration. The goal was to find holiday gifts for a few special women in my life: My 27-year-old sister, my two sisters-in-law, my mother, and my mother-in-law. Each of these women have different styles, but the common denominator is that they all fall into the category of women who are difficult to shop for.

Shopping for my sister wasn’t too tough this go around because she mentioned wanting a pair of shoes from Veja, the trending French footwear brand. Anthropologie carries almost a dozen styles, but I chose the classic low top Esplar sneakers (retail: $120). For my sisters-in-law, I made a beeline for the jewelry display. As both women have an affinity for dainty pieces, I chose two Tova colorpop monogram necklaces (retail: $88) and continued on.

Veja Low-Top Esplar Sneakers: Retail $120

Next up were the mothers. My mom is a devoted fan of all things animal print. So when I saw the Hadley knit kimono (retail: $98) in a “neutral” shade of light brown leapoard, I knew it would be the perfect piece for my mom to throw on whenever she feels like adding a little pizzazz to an outfit. For my mother-in-law, I selected the Arctic Twilight cheese board (retail: $88), as I know she could use it when entertaining in her modern kitchen. 

Necklace for Girl
Tova Colorpop Monogram Necklaces: Retail $88

If you need gifts for friends, coworkers, or other VIPs in your life, here are a few more crave-worthy options:

Colorplay backgammon set: retail: $98
Hearts embroidered sweater: retail: $148
Megan Carn safari playing cards: retail: $21
Fotini Tikkou visage mug: retail: $14

Shops at Merrick Park