Sheila Breit

Hairstylist, Emiliano Breit Salon

By Lizzie Wilcox

March 2020

Sheila Breit began her career as a hairstylist in Barcelona in 2007. She had always known she wanted to be a stylist, practicing mercilessly on her Barbie dolls as a child. Three years after her Spanish debut, she moved to Miami and worked in Brickell where her husband, Emiliano, had a salon. After a half dozen years there, the Breits moved their salon to the Gables on the corner of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Valencia Avenue.

Latest Achievement

In addition to helping run one of the trendiest hair salons in town, Breit won the first Stylists Talent Competition held by Shear Fun, which took place in November at the Open Stage Club on Galiano. The winning look was inspired by the Spanish film “Fausto’s Labyrinth.”

What She Says

“I spent like five hours doing the hairstyling in here [the salon] that day,” Breit says of her styling win. She also did the makeup herself but had help with the clothing. “I worked really hard… so I was so proud of myself,” she says. Breit says she and Emiliano moved their salon to the Gables because they found it more family friendly and walkable.

Photo by Emily Fakhoury