Sharon Israel Moskovitz

Executive Director, Temple Judea

March 2020

With 672 member families, Temple Judea is the largest Reform synagogue in Coral Gables, and one of the largest in South Florida. In addition to its primary mission as a house of worship, Temple Judea is dedicated to education, from its youngest members to its adult congregation. Among its many endeavors is a program of hosting famous scholars and speakers, from Kurt Vonnegut and Janet Reno (before they passed away) to Madeleine Albright and Salman Rushdie. Moskovitz has worked at Temple Judea for 14 years in a variety of positions, most recently as Director of Engagement & Outreach.

Latest Achievement

Last month Moskovitz was appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Temple. In January she helped set up a talk at the Temple by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, moderated by Gloria Estefan

What She Says

“I want to jump in quickly with all cylinders going full force,” Moskovitz says of her new position. “One of my goals is to not just keep our membership growing, but sustainability, to make sure our congregation sees the benefit and value of belonging to this community, and why it is an important investment [of time].” As far as being a Jewish congregation in the city, “Coral Gables is a place of complete and total tolerance, which we see with our relationships with the police department, the city [government], Books & Books, historic preservation and so forth,” she says. “Not every Jewish community is so lucky, and that is scary.”