Secret Places

Sacha’s Hidden Courtyard

October 2019

As the weather begins to turn pleasant this month, it means we can return to the civilized practice of eating alfresco. One of the best places to eat outside is the pleasant and hidden courtyard of Sacha’s Café, located behind Fleming’s at 2525 Ponce de Leon. Here you will find luncheon sandwiches and plates that are decidedly gourmet yet reasonably priced at $9 – $11. In a recent visit there, choices included turkey & brie on panini and prosciutto & mozzarella on baguette.

The “hot plate” of the day was honey mustard chicken with roasted vegetables. “There is also fresh salmon every day,” says proprietor Sacha Viertl. “It’s a big runner. We get it every two or three days from Chile, never frozen.” They also make two fresh soups a day, “and one is always vegetarian,” says Viertl, who started his first gourmet food store on Miracle Mile in 1994.