Quick Bites: Scrumptious Salads

With healthy eating at the forefront of the latest culinary and fitness trends, the humble salad is now becoming something other than the usual mundane Caesar or chopped salad. Here are some of our more interesting favorites in the Gables:


Seasonal Spring

As the name implies, Seasons 52 has an ever-changing seasonal menu, including its Spring Wood-Grilled Tenderloin entrée salad ($22), which is only 470 calories yet remarkably filling. The base consists of baby spinach and romaine, and it’s topped with sweet corn, wood-grilled red peppers, pumpkin seeds, Gorgonzola cheese, and, of course, steak. The whole concoction is drizzled with a cumin- lime vinaigrette for a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors.

321 Miracle Mile


Farm To Table

Naked Farmer is a farm-to-table restaurant serving seasonal food sourced from local farmers. We love the Charred Chicken Salad ($14.96), starring robust in-season winter produce like earthy roasted sweet potatoes and golden beets, complimented by a tangy cilantro avocado dressing. The most non-salad-looking salad you’ll ever have that will leave you feeling satisfied. 

137 Giralda Ave


Wonton Some More

Something we appreciate about the fast-casual chain Just Salad is its diverse menu and wide array of ingredients. One of our favorites is the iconic Thai Chicken Crunch ($12.69), which combines romaine, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and crispy wonton strips to make a crunchy and vibrant salad. The sweet and savory peanut sauce ties everything together to make a healthy and fulfilling meal. 

2346 Ponce De Leon Blvd


Loaded Yet Light

Despite the name, the Loaded Salad at Shahs of Kabob is surprisingly refreshing ($14). A bed of shredded lettuce is dressed with the traditional tomato, cucumber, and onion combo – good enough on its own, yet elevated by the sweet tartness of dried cranberries, the tangy kick of feta, and the crunchiness of walnuts. To properly dig into this medley of flavors, one must drench the plate with Shah’s addicting sumac sauce. 

2624 Ponce de Leon

Savory & Sweet

Serving up salads, bowls, and protein plates, Sweetgreen is a safe bet for any salad lover. We tried the Barbecue Chicken Salad, which packed a wide variety of flavors into a single bowl – savory blackened chicken, sweet honey barbecue sauce, tangy red apples, salty tortilla chips, and a balancing Green Goddess ranch dressing on a bed of romaine, kale, and cabbage. Sweetgreen also offers the option to build your own salad bowl or protein plate. 

122 Giralda Avenue