Foul or Fowl Play?

Birds of a Feather Flock Together – to the Gables

For several years now residents in Coconut Grove have been up in arms over the exploding peacock population. What began as a love affair with their iridescent plumage, when they first arrived in the 1970s, has turned into community outrage against the birds. Hundreds, if not thousands, of the peafowls roam the Grove in flocks, impudently pecking at cars and carpeting streets with their droppings.

Now, the national bird of India is spreading its wings – to Coral Gables. For this reason, increased sightings, from Sevilla Avenue to North Greenway Drive were posted in the Nextdoor app in early April. So far, the reaction is mixed, with more amusement than trepidation. “I have a new feathered friend here in the Gables,” noted resident Laura Keepax about the peacock. “He is abiding by social distance rules by staying over six feet away. I am thankful for his willingness to follow the rules.”

The downside will be if our fine feathered friends reproduce in vast numbers. If that happens, the Gables may have to go the way of the Grove, hiring trappers to remove them. By law, the peacock cannot be killed, since they are protected by Miami-Dade County’s zoning as a bird sanctuary. In the meantime, spring mating season is upon us. So, if you hear screeching at 3 a.m., it means fowl play, not foul play.