Paul D. Durand, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Careaga Plastic Surgery

January 2020

Dr. Paul Durand, who was born in Peru, earned his MD at the Indiana University School of Medicine. From there he did his residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, before finishing his fellowship at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. For the past seven years he has gone on medical missions to his native Peru (most recently with Operation Smile), where he operates on as many as 100 children each trip, pro bono, for cleft lip and palate surgery. He specializes in facial and nose surgery, and fat grafting.

Latest Achievement

Joined Coral Gables-based Careaga Plastic Surgery in July. Before that he was part of the 10-surgeon team that performed the first face transplant in the U.S., and then a second time with the youngest woman in the world to undergo such a procedure.

What He Says

“What makes me unique is my focus on the face and nose,” says Durand. “It’s all intertwined in aesthetics – what makes someone attractive and pleasing to the eye. We try to objectify and quantify all this with ratios and proportions, but you need artistry as well as training.” Durand says that while patients tend to rely on celebrities and other public figures as role models for beauty, “within each culture there are differences. There is attractiveness that transcends culture, but there is beauty in every ethnic background.”