Olga M. Ramudo: Travel Connoisseur

Senior VP, Express Travel, A Grey Dross Company

Olga M. Ramudo was an independent contractor for a small travel agency when she, her sister, and a friend founded Express Travel in 1989. It has since grown into one of the largest woman-owned businesses in Florida, with 30 employees and annual billings of more than $33 million.

Ramudo has served in numerous capacities to advance the travel industry in South Florida, including on the national board of directors of the American Society of Travel Agents and the board of World Trade Center Miami. She chaired the International Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and served as a member of the U.S. Travel and Tourism Board. Her corporate clients include Baptist Health, Mastec, and HBO, among many others.

Olga M. Ramudo

Latest Achievement

Ramudo’s firm, Express Travel, was recently acquired by London-based Grey Dross, a global travel agency that will use Express Travel as their gateway to the Americas. Ramudo will stay on for a minimum of three years as Grey Dross’ Senior Vice President for Florida and Latin America.

What She Says

“My sister [Christina] is my partner, and we obviously didn’t want 33 years of effort to disappear. So, this ensures that that effort does not disappear. The whole staff stays, and we will be growing the U.S. Market and Latin America for Grey Dross,” says Ramudo.

That market is growing fast, post-pandemic, says the travel executive. “For vacation, Europe is extremely popular right now. We are having a hard time keeping up with our requests. The demand is incredible…. All over the world, the prices are out of whack, but people are paying them for airfares and hotels. After a pandemic, it’s like letting a bird out of a cage. I, myself, am shocked at the prices people are paying.”