No Boundaries Isn’t Just for Professional Athletes

The Bike Shop Has Gear for Amateur Cyclists and Even Runners

As a runner, I have always worried about getting the right kind of shoe. Having read “Born to Run,” I’ve been concerned that the wrong kind of running shoe could not just hinder me, but actually do harm.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that No Boundaries, the sports gear emporium on Aragon Avenue, provides a free gait analysis to determine whether one’s feet pronate, supinate, or land squarely. These are fancy ways of describing deviations as you step or run, which a shoe can mitigate. The most common orthopedic complaint, however, is plantar fascia, which (painfully) affects the muscle on the bottom of the foot.

Though suffering from this condition, local attorney and No Boundaries client Court Keeley decided to run the New York City Marathon. “In preparation I knew I needed to have the right shoe,” he says. “You are putting your body through a lot of strain. I had never run that far ever before. I had my doubts if I’d complete it.” In 2017 he achieved his goal, with footwear from No Boundaries. The store will also advise on footwear and gear you need for hiking, for all those Gables folk who vacation in North Carolina and Colorado.

No Boundaries

But what No Boundaries offers in abundance are bicycles. Lined up by the score on the floor. Dangling from the ceiling. I have not seen so many since my trip to Amsterdam.

Not having purchased a new bicycle since my pink beach cruiser more than a decade ago, I was shocked by the price range. While you can still get a good bike for $280, they range from there up to $12,000. I can buy a good used car for less. What is so amazing about these bicycles?

It’s all about the weight and the performance, explained store manager Israel Rodriguez. The least expensive are one-gear-only cruisers. From there it’s a matter of lighter metals – aluminum instead of steel, carbon instead of aluminum – and how complex your gear shifting gets. “Once you get into the carbon bikes you get into components,” says Rodriguez. “That can be anything like the gear, your shifters, your wheels, and things become more expensive from there.” The good news is that bike hooks for storage are only about $30.

The other good news is that No Boundaries is also in the business of bike repair – an essential service as more residents have turned to their old two wheelers as a healthy alternative to sitting at home during the coronavirus. As one customer posted in a Google review: “I messed up my bike chain on the side of the road. But thankfully someone from No Boundaries was able to fix it. They even offered to put air in my tires.”

The store also offers all the accoutrements used by riders. They stress the need for protective gear like helmets, gloves, sunglasses, and even elbow and knee pads for protection. Not sure I need all that for my pink cruiser, but good to know it’s here when I sign up for the Tour de France.

“We realize that sports are hugely intimidating to people,” says Rodriguez. “So our shop becomes a place where not only can you get some gear, but see friendly faces to reassure you that you can run that half marathon, or do that big hike, or cycle your first century. And help you achieve it.” 

No Boundaries

No Boundaries
220 Aragon Ave.

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