Nicolas Cabrera

CEO & Co-founder, Flamingo Fling Productions 

The son of Rafael Cabrera, who served on the Coral Gables City Commission for 12 years, Gables native Nicolas Cabrera is forging his own path in the city. His latest business venture, Flamingo Fling Productions, currently encompasses the Maker’s Market and the North Ponce Harvest Market. On the last Friday night of each month, Maker’s Market attracts hundreds of visitors to the plaza outside Bay 13 on Alhambra Circle, with an expansive selection of products from more than 30 vendors. The seasonal North Ponce Harvest Market takes place on Saturday mornings from 8 am until 2 pm on the 100 block of Minorca Avenue. 

Nicolas Cabrera

Latest Achievement

Cabrera says the market events are only the beginning for Flamingo Fling, as the company looks to expand to other areas of the community and “change the dynamic of Coral Gables.” Besides that, Cabrera is also launching “Young Associates” this month, a social community of young professionals looking to develop and grow their network. Operating out of the Coral Gables Museum with several events planned there each month, Cabrera hopes the initiative will not only help young professionals connect with each other, but also with the community. 

What He Says

“I try very hard to be very hands-on,” says the busy entrepreneur. “[We’re] establishing relationships with influential people in our community, and also giving these vendors the opportunity to demonstrate their products,” Cabrera says, talking about his two Coral Gables-based markets. “We want everybody to feel invited and welcome here. We have a lot of ideas, but what we’re really trying to do is create a more enthusiastic, immersive, and engaging Coral Gables…. I’ve always been there. I’ve always been involved. I’ve always had this passion for it.”