Milkshake Quick Bites

In 1922, Walgreens employee Ivar “Pop” Coulson added two scoops of vanilla ice cream to a malted milk drink and created the milkshake. It may not be the pinnacle of a healthy treat, but the American public’s affinity for them is no great mystery. Here are our favorites in the Gables:

Latin Flavors

Havana Harry’s is a Gables institution (since 1995), but few would look to the Cuban restaurant as a milkshake spot. But Harry’s boasts a sweet blend of unusual, Latin-inspired shakes. There are the traditional flavors — chocolate, vanilla, strawberry — and then there’s the tropical flavors found only in Miami — mango, papaya, mamey, guava, and coconut. We tried the mamey milkshake ($6.95) — thick, creamy and sweet with a tropical tang.

4612 S Le Jeune Rd.

Whipped Up

Long-standing sweet shop Whip ‘N Dip in South Gables offers an array of homemade ice cream and milkshake flavors. Their Taro-cheesecake flavor ($9.99) stands out as a unique offering. The thick, purple-hued creation mixes the mild nuttiness of taro (a tropical vegetable native to Southeast Asia) with soft pieces of cheesecake. Whip ‘N Dip’s special flavors get switched out periodically, so taro fanatics (or adventurous foodies) go check this out ASAP.

1407 Sunset Dr.

Spiked Shakes

Aside from being known for their tender beef patties, The Capital Burger serves up boozy milkshakes as a sweet complement to their signature burgers or as a standalone treat. We recommend the Stoli Doli ($15), which combines vodka, vanilla ice cream, and candied pineapple to create a rich alcoholic shake. Not overly sweet, the shake’s hint of piña colada adds a refreshing taste to this classic diner beverage — and makes a perfect pairing with a burger.

300 Miracle Mile

Shake Shack

One thing we appreciate about Shake Shack, besides its burgers, is its commitment to trying new things. For winter this year, the Shack has a series of limited-time milkshakes, including Coffee and Donut, Maple Snickerdoodle, and Frozen Hot Cocoa ($6.69). We had to try the latter — it sounded too weird to miss. More than a simple chocolate shake, Frozen Hot Cocoa has a cinnamon-based flavoring and is topped with whipped cream and cocoa-coated mini marshmallows. Remarkably good.

1450 S Dixie Hwy.

Mark Light Milkshakes

Is there anything better than sipping a milkshake while watching the Miami Hurricanes baseball team on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Mitch Freedman’s shakes are famous at Mark Light Field, and while some swear by more creative flavors like the Grandma Debbie (vanilla with “magic” brownies), we think the classics are his best. Our go-to is the Oreo shake ($10), which he does better than anyone — with the non-fat ice cream he began using in the ‘70s.

6201 San Amaro Dr.