Mezzes at MOTEK

Ducking out of work early on a Friday? We won’t tell anyone if we see you at the bar for MOTEK’s weekday happy hour, which, strangely enough, runs from 3 to 6 pm Monday through Thursday but only from 3 to 5 pm on Fridays. If you’ve got flexible hours, this could be the place for you. And if you don’t — we’ll keep your secret.

Happy hour at the Mediterranean-Middle Eastern restaurant means half-price on most cocktails and wine, but the real deal is the $5 mezzes and $7 half-sandwiches. If you’re with friends and looking to share, tapas-style, go with the mezzes. Separated by cold and hot plates, these include the refreshingly light and deliciously chill Israeli salad (think pico de gallo with added veggies) and our personal favorite, the zucchini latkes — crunchy and packed with flavor.

Of course, no Mediterranean restaurant would be classified as such without traditional bread, and at MOTEK that means laffa, also known as “Iraqi pita.” Simple and vegan, commonly used as a wrap, it’s elevated at happy hour by za’atar seasoning, a blend of herbs and spices from the Levant region.

If you’re on your own and looking for something to tide you over until meal time, go for a half-sandwich. We tried the classic chicken shawarma and found it pleasantly filling — and at half-sized portion you’ll still have room for dinner. We paired it with a Miracle Mile Mojito, which puts a spin on the classic drink with citrus agave and a lychee garnish.

45 Miracle Mile