Merrick Style

This Month’s Merrick Style Visits the Showroom of Silvia Tcherassi, the Coral Gables-Based Colombian Designer who has Taken the Fashion World by Storm, With Selections From her Spring and Summer Collections. Our Model: Anabella Smith, Gables Resident – and Partner of the Award-Winning Firm Zyscovich Architects

Photography by Jon Braeley

March 2019

Anabella Smith just celebrated her 25th year with Zyscovich Architects, where, as Director of Interior Architecture she is responsible for the final appearance of the space, and how it affects the user experience. “I’m very curious about what makes people happy. And I think that architecture and design is an amazing tool to make people feel differently, to affect their moods… the colors, textures, lighting and flow of the spaces, this is what people experience.”

Smith attributes her amazing shape to, among other things, four decades of avoiding meat and limiting her intake of alcohol. “I just try to take care of myself,” she says. “Every human being is beautiful, so do what you can to look good. Don’t change with plastic surgery, just take care of yourself and doing the best with what you are given… Fashion has a lot to do with it. If you don’t feel right with your fashion, you can’t be confident, even at work.”

Born in Venezuela, Smith came to Florida in 1979. She has served on the board of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce for nearly a decade, where she created the Chamber’s first Green Task force. She was honored as the first ever Queen Awardee at the Chamber’s 2017 Green Means Green Awards for her lifetime commitment to green practice.

This is the Felicity dress, in tangerine silk ($1,800). It is part of Tcherassi’s Spring 19 Collection, made to look fresh in any type of warm weather. It is complemented by a Ferdi belt and Luriza bag ($490), handwoven by the Mocaná tribe of Colombia from native fibers.
This is the Lycka dress, an evening gown in a golden floral print ($1,800). It is made from silk, and brings life to any formal occasion. Part of Tcherassi’s Spring 19 Collection.
This is the navy blue Miosotis dress, made from natural cotton fiber ($980). With its puffy sleeves and signature bow, it is designed to breathe. Part of Tcherassi’s Summer 19 Collection, it is complemented by a magenta Taparitas handbag ($320) and a mustard Curi bag ($230), both handcrafted from natural fiber by the Mocaná tribe.
Here Anabella Smith has some fun with pieces from Tcherassi’s Summer 19 Collection: A Primula cotton blouse ($680); a Guzmania cotton skirt in botanical yellow print ($780); and a black Luriza bag ($490) and mustard Curi bag ($230) woven by the Mocaná tribe.