Maribel Muniz

Designer & Owner, Design It Studio

September 2018

Maribel Muñiz graduated from the interior design school of the Complutense University of Madrid in her native Spain, where she grew up in a winegrowing family in Galicia. For 25 years, she worked as a principle designer for the firm Gunni & Trentino, doing residential as well as commercial interior design. Four years ago, she moved with her family to Coral Gables, where she started Design It Studio. The firm also has offices in Monterrey, Mexico, and will launch another office in Ibiza, Spain later this year. 


Celebrated the first-year anniversary of Design It Studio, a full-service high-end interior design studio on Ponce de Leon Boulevard near Shops of Merrick Park  


“Although I was born and raised in Spain, Coral Gables was always the city that I was in love with” she says. Having spent several years living in the city back in the ’90s, Muñiz says she has wanted to come back ever since. “I always had this city on my mind. The architecture, the people, the nature… I knew this was the place that I wanted for me and my family” she says. Muñiz works with architects as they are designing new homes, and with homeowners who want to refurbish. “One of the things that makes Coral Gables so interesting for me is the historic homes. All of the houses have an incredible personality. For us, as designers, it is an exciting challenge. My goal has always been to keep the great essence and the charm of every single home where I get to intervene” she says.