Kreps DeMaria

Kreps DeMaria Celebrates Public Art in Coral Gables and Honors MG Developer CEO Alirio Torrealba

May 2019

Hosted by Kreps DeMaria President Sissy DeMaria-Koehne and CEO Israel Kreps, the April event celebrated public art donated by Alirio Torrealba and his new role as member of the Coral Gables Museum’s Board of Directors. Presented by the partners of Kreps DeMaria PR & Marketing and Coral Gables Magazine, the event recognized Torrealba’s numerous contributions to the City and his upcoming role as part of the Coral Gables Museum’s Board of Directors. Taking place at the Museum’s Fewell Gallery, the evening affair featured remarks by the City of Coral Gables Arts & Culture Specialist Catherine Cathers, Coral Gables Magazine’s Richard Roffman as well as Coral Gables Museum Executive Director John Allen. Torrealba culminated the event with remarks highlighting his enthusiasm for his new role and his strong support of art and history.

Israel Kreps, CEO of Kreps DeMaria, addressing the audience