Interiors With Attitude

Vincenzo Avanzato’s Interiors are all About Color and Fun – and the Client’s Esthetic

May 2019

The design career of Gables-based Vincenzo Avanzato has encompassed projects ranging from opulent boutiques and restaurants in the Middle East to large-scale residences in New York, Latin America and Europe. In South Florida he has worked on numerous luxury residential projects, including homes in Gables Estates and Cocoplum.

Avanzato Design, his eponymous company, brings an approach to design which translates into different styles that reflect both the client’s esthetic and the architectural envelope. Some of his interiors are baronial in their appearance, others sleek and modern. In all of them there is a sense of play between color and form, and between form and function. The one we chose
to feature, from a Cocoplum estate, showcases a spirited and cheerful take on new hues that push the boundaries of home design.

Having been born in Italy, raised in London, and lived in Paris (as well as in California, where he studied design at UCLA), Avanzato brings a broad cultural perspective to his work. He established his boutique office on Douglas Road eight years ago.

“Because I’ve been exposed to a lot of different cultures, when I design something, it’s never the same,” says Avanzato. “I translate the desires of the client into my work, but the sensibilities of the colors come from me.”