Hot Plates

Some of the Best Bites in Town

November 2019

The Globe Salad

This salad has been honed for decades by Globe owner Danny Guiteras, and it delivers a perfect combination of tastes: grilled chicken, green apple, gorgonzola cheese, carmelized walnuts, mesclun field greens, and sherry red grape vinaigrette. It’s also a favorite of local NBC news anchor Jackie Nespral, who calls it “something healthy but exquisite… that never disappoints!”

Scallion Pancakes

They are made from sweet soy pancake batter that is fried into a crisp, yet chewy, pancake that is sliced into eighths and served with scallions and sour cream. Not what you might expect in a Ramen noodle shop, but an instant addiction for any regular at Ichimi restaurant on Salzedo between Miracle Mile and Aragon.

Bangkok Shrimp

Once, in another lifetime, we had a dish called Slippery Shrimp, which we ate at a tiny family restaurant in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. We have searched for years to find a similar dish of shrimp tempura tossed in tangy, spicy, sweet chili sauce. Then we found it, under a different name, at Red Koi on Miracle Mile.