What’s Hot for January 2022 

Living Well in the New Year 

It’s easy to change your mindset in the new year and welcome the opportunity for a fresh start. But to truly make measurable changes, it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools. Here are several ideas to add to your updated routine. 

Game On 

What’s Hot for January 2022 

Hosting a nostalgic game night has always been on your to-do list, but why not actually make it a reality? Ask your guests to put their phones away, and reconnect with your inner child (and your aesthetically partial current self) with Anthropologie’s vintage take on your favorites. Retail: from $138. Anthropologie, 330 San Lorenzo Ave., 305.443.0021, anthropologie.com

No Stress 

What’s Hot for January 2022 -  Theragun Elite

Whether you spend way too many hours sitting in a chair each day, or you’re experiencing post-workout fatigue, you can combat muscle soreness and stress with the help of the Theragun Elite. This revolutionary device offers a powerful deep tissue massage on the go, and employs QuietForce technology to make the treatment basically silent. Retail: $399. Relax the Back, 212 Miracle Mile, 305.445.0445, relaxtheback.com

Home Made 

What’s Hot for January 2022 - Feels Like Home by designer Lauren Liess.

If you’re wondering how to finally decorate (or de-clutter) your home in a way that evokes joy and authenticity, pick up a copy of Feels Like Home by designer Lauren Liess. It explores the notion that all homes have a certain feeling, and curating the specific mood that will put you at ease is a process that’s less complicated than you think. Retail: $37.99. Barnes & Noble, 152 Miracle Mile, 305.446.4152, barnesandnoble.com 

Get Your Kicks

Beyond offering a myriad of health benefits, walking outside each day just feels good; enjoying the outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and moving your body has been proven to increase productivity, too. If you’re in the market for a new pair of sneakers, consider this sleek pair, designed by model and entrepreneur Devon Windsor for Ash. Retail: $220. Neiman Marcus, 390 San Lorenzo Ave., 786.999.1000, neimanmarcus.com

Natural Beauty 

Made from clean and entirely vegan ingredients, HUM Nutrition’s roster of products was designed to promote beauty from within. Start with Glow Sweet Glow, made with skin-brightening nutrients that improve collagen production for a more luminous complexion, and Hair Sweet Hair, which helps to strengthen hair and promote growth. Retail: $26 each. Nordstrom, 4310 Ponce de Leon Blvd., 786-999-1313, nordstrom.com

By: Mallory Evans Jacobson