Hold That Shot

Suing the City for its Anti-Crime Cameras

December 2018

The City of Coral Gables is being sued by resident Raul Mas Canosa, who claims that the license plate recognition cameras scattered across the city are an invasion of privacy. While police say the cameras are a way to prevent crime, the former banker doesn’t buy it. He believes the companies behind the cameras are more interested in selling residents’ data than keeping them safe. The lawsuit claims that Coral Gables “shares this data with a private vendor, who sells it to still other… entities,” such as insurance companies interested in where motorists commute each day. This isn’t Mas Canosa’s first disagreement with the city. Earlier this year, the city commission temporarily voted to ban the sale of automatic weapons in the Gables, to which Mas Canosa replied that he wanted to open a firearm dealership and would seek legal action. 

– Lizzie Wilcox