Brazilian Sweetness at Hello Sugar

Hair removal using sugar is cooler, longer lasting, and can be less painful

In the City Beautiful, we enjoy warm weather year-round. With a tropical climate comes wearing breezy clothes and showing more skin, giving people a need for (optionally, of course) more hair-removal maintenance. Enter Hello Sugar, a Brazilian wax and sugar salon that opened earlier this year in South Gables.

The franchise’s 50th location, a one-room suite located within Beauty Mall Suite Coral Gables, offers waxing as well as sugaring, an all-natural hair removal method. “Sugaring leaves the skin more exfoliated, so you feel a lot smoother,” aesthetician Folasade Quadri says. “It’s a lot gentler on the skin because remember, wax has chemicals in it. Sugaring paste is made with three natural ingredients: sugar, water, and citric acid. It leaves the skin less irritated.”

Hello Sugar: Wax and Sugar Salon
Sugaring paste is made with three natural ingredients: sugar, water, and citric acid.

The process itself is similar to traditional waxing, with a few exceptions. The melting point of sugar is lower than wax, therefore it does not feel as hot on your skin. Also, the tacky paste is pushed underneath the hair, instead of over it, against the grain. The end goal is the same as waxing: removing hair at the bulb. That’s the sweet spot, as it hinders hair growth by damaging the hair follicles in a controlled manner.

We won’t sugarcoat it — hair removal hurts, especially in sensitive spots like your bikini area. So, to wax or to sugar? Quadri says it depends on personal preference. “With sugaring, you don’t want thick, coarse hair. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who’s waxing for the first time or that hasn’t waxed in a really long time,” she says. “You want to make sure your hair is on the shorter, finer side.”

Your aesthetician may decide to wax you at first, working their way to the ideal sugaring conditions through subsequent sessions. The upside? Once you reach that point, most people find sugaring to be less painful.

Depending on the thickness of your hair, sugaring usually lasts a little longer than waxing, around four to five weeks. According to Hello Sugar, there are three different hair growth cycles, each approximately 10 days long. Because of different growth cycles, your hair may grow back patchy. Quadri recommends waxing or sugaring every four weeks, as the more consistent you are, the smoother you’ll be. Maintaining a regular hair removal cycle will cause it to grow back finer, thinner, and more sparsely.

Hello Sugar: Wax and Sugar Salon
Hello Sugar, a Brazilian wax and sugar salon, uses organic sugar paste for its hair removal procedures.

Now let’s dive into the before and after care. It’s crucial not to shave within at least 10 days of getting waxed or sugared so that the hairs aren’t too short to tug on. After your appointment, your hair follicles will be open for up to 24 hours. That means you should avoid rigorous exercising, swimming, and sexual activity during that time to limit sweating and skin irritation. Another tip? Exfoliate the area 48 hours after to help avoid in-grown hairs.

“We also offer enzyme treatments which help our clients with ingrown hairs,” Quadri explains. “Just like monthly facials help clear up your skin, the enzyme treatment provides the same benefits for your Brazilian area.” The treatment consists of a thorough skin analysis, followed by an enzymatic exfoliation, extractions, and application of a hydrating mask, which helps soothe, nourish, and calm the skin.

Hello Sugar offers waxing and sugaring for both sexes, addressing areas throughout the body and face. Their unique membership, with a one-time $15 initiation fee, provides discounted pricing on all services — saving you a few bucks each month. With no strings attached (you can freeze or cancel membership at any time), Hello Sugar provides the benefits of consistent hair removal. They also offer a free bikini wax to first-time clients. Once you feel how smooth your skin is, you may never shave again.

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Hello Sugar
1430 Madruga Ave. Suite 31