Heidi Grace Engerman

UM Graduate, Actress

Born and raised in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, University of Miami graduate Heidi Engerman is making a name for herself on the big screen. Though she was involved in community theater as a child, it wasn’t until Engerman signed herself up for an acting camp meant to help young actors get agents in middle school that she got her start. Her first gig? Modeling for American Girl Doll. It was around this time that the young star also took up ballet, where she fell in love with performing. Soon after, her animated facial expressions and natural charisma led her to theater. The up-and-coming actress studied for a year at the prestigious Walnut Hill School, a boarding school for the arts in Massachusetts, before attending the University of Miami, where she graduated a semester early, magna cum laude, with degrees in theater arts and marketing.

Heidi Grace Engerman

Latest Achievement

Engerman is best known for her role in the 2021 horror flick “Candyman,” where she plays high school student Haley Gulick. She’s in the current season of “Chicago Fire,” a NBC drama about firefighters and paramedics in which she plays Tracy Herrmann, the niece of firefighter Christopher Herrmann. She also had a brief role in one episode of “Power Book IV: Force,” an American crime drama on Starz. Following her graduation last month, the young actress is now planning to move to New York City to continue her career in acting.

What She Says

“Although I have a business degree, I’m ready to give 100 percent of my attention to theater. There’s nothing in life that I want to do more,” says Engerman. “The University of Miami has been great in supporting me and helping me get where I want to go, but now I just need to really put myself out there. It’s really scary, but I want to do this, and you have to make those sacrifices to get where you want to go.”