Healthier Food Straight From the Source

In a Proprietor’s Search for Chemical-Free Food Products, Source Market Was Born

It’s no secret that our favorite snacks often come with a litany of ingredients we can’t even pronounce, let alone identify. Chemicals, colors, and hormones are a few additives commonly used to improve the taste, texture, and appearance of food, and while these ingredients aren’t all bad, they can be tricky to navigate in the quest to find healthier food options.

This is the dilemma Jennie Kapoor ran into when starting her health journey and what triggered her to start a full-blown business to solve it. “I started to realize that it took a lot of effort to really find the source of the food you’re consuming,” she said.

As a result, Kapoor turned to her now-business partner, Joanna Davila, to help her find a shop that carried local goods, supported local artisans, and had fresh produce. When the two couldn’t find a place that checked all of their boxes, they set out to create a store that did. Fittingly, they named it “Source Market.”

“We want to be the source for all things healthy, local, and sustainably created,” Kapoor said. “We want the products to not hide where they’re coming from, to be evident and transparent. We also want to be the source for the local community to shop for healthy, local foods.”

Before officially opening as a brick-and-mortar store last December, Source Market originally launched with an online farm box, a weekly curated box of fresh local produce that could be delivered right to people’s homes. Once the growing season ended, though, they took a step back to focus on the store, which now sits at the corner of Alhambra Circle and Salzedo Street and is open five days a week, Monday through Friday.

Although Kapoor says she always starts with local products, not everything can be grown in Miami’s harsh climate. In these cases, she finds brands that stick to her sustainability mission. “We do stick to a rigorous criterion for the farms of natural, organic, regenerative practices,” she says. Artisanal brands like Whatsoup, known for its healthy homemade soup, and Nacoooks, which hand-makes fresh chocolate chip cookies, are among those who made the cut. 

There are other intriguing items you probably won’t find at your local grocery store – Tooaloo’s “Slow Your Roll” sweet maple mix, for example, is comprised of sprouted nuts, chewy super fruits, coconut, and fungi like reishi, ashwagandha, and mucuna. Likewise, Sun & Swell’s energy bites are made entirely of whole food ingredients like dates, cashews, and oats.

Healthier Food Straight From the Source

Kapoor hopes to expand by adding in a café component with organic coffee, tea, and smoothies. Unlike your traditional café, however, this one will have a space for customers to prepare meals themselves.

“We’re here to support the community, not only with the aspect of supporting local artisans and farms, but we also the surrounding community of the office buildings, people that live around here, and give them a cool little spot to come and shop,” she said.  

Source Market

275 Alhambra Cir. #130