The & Goodies Line

Sometimes the Natural Way is the Best Approach, Including With Your Hair

You’ve probably never heard of paraphenylenediamine. It’s a mouthful. But if you’ve ever dyed your hair, you’ve had some of it on your head. It’s the chemical widely used in permanent hair dye as the main coloring agent. For many women, it’s just a part of a routine trip to the salon. For Antonello Pasci, owner of the eponymous salon in Coral Gables, that was also true… until a few years ago.

Pasci had been a professional hairdresser for 30 years when he developed a terrible allergy to the chemical more commonly known as PPD. So, what do you do when you’re a pro hairdresser with an allergy to touching your clients’ hair? You create a brand new, PPD-free, organic line of hair products.

The & Goodies line born out of Pasci’s allergy is not your average line of hair care products. There are almost no added chemicals – certainly no PPD, now linked to cancer and other diseases – and all the scents come from natural essential oils. There are 11 products in all, including three types of shampoo and conditioner (stimulating rosemary, repairing lemongrass, and invigorating peppermint), a scalp toning tonic, a leave-in conditioner, a hydrating hair mask, a styling cream, and a soft molding paste. With the exception of the hair mask ($35), all are under $27, formulated to be as gentle as possible while promoting hair growth. It’s also made for both women and men.

After trying & Goodies products for a week, I found my hair more containable and lustrous than usual – though I did notice it got oily faster. I guess that’s the cost of using all-natural products, but well worth it to me – and you can always wash your hair more often. 

Antonello Pasci Salon

323 Navarre Ave. #105