Gables High Garden Party

Friends of Gables High raised $30,000 on behalf of Coral Gables High School at a March Garden Cocktail Party hosted by June and Allen Morris. Some 130 people attended the event on the Morris’ sunset patio with The Biltmore as a backdrop. Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago challenged the crowd to match his $5,000 donation, which Luciana and Jose “Pep” Gonzalez immediately accepted. Coral Gables Vice Mayor Rhonda Anderson, whose two children are Gables grads, also pledged a matching $1,000 donation. All Coral Gables commissioners were in attendance, underscoring the importance of education in the city – a subject everyone can agree on! (Coral Gables Commissioner Kirk Menendez is a graduate of Gables High). Friends of Gables High organized in 2018 as an alumni and community support group for the city’s namesake traditional public high school. For more information:

  1. Richard Ebsary, June Morris, Mallory Horton
  2. Group of Gables High students: Audrey Lezcano,Tamaya Wallace, AlexandraRoa, Gabriela Roa, Santiago Giraldo, Melissa Hernandez, Chiara Ortiz DeRozas, Charlie Trowbridge
  3. Dale and Lon Dowlen
  4. Sadia Raja Alfonso, Lon Dowlen, kimberly McGrath Moreira, LucianaGonzalez, June Morris, Sarah Christensen, Jackie Kellogg, Aleida Molina-Martinez, Laura Horton, Richard Ebsary, Brett Gillis
  5. Lon Dowlen, Aleida Molina-Martinez, Sadia Raja Alfonso, Kimberly McGrathMoriera, Richard Ebsary, Susan Corrigan, June Morris, Laura Horton, Jackie Kellogg, Luciana Gonzalez, Kevin Moure
  6. Amy Donner, Annette Tellez, Jeanne Panoff, Jane Souaid, Caroline Sory, June, Dinah Marzulo