Frost Musicians for Hire

The Frost School Aims To Go Live, One Musician At a Time

In these unprecedented times, unprecedented solutions are required. With that in mind, UM’s Frost School of Music is offering local citizens the opportunity to hire its musicians for special occasions, or as private tutors. With the pandemic shutting down live performances across South Florida, Frost’s musicians have lost myriad opportunities to play for pay.

“Live gigs are just not happening, and this is at least a way to keep the music going and the musicians playing – and to help them make a living at the same time,” says Frost spokeswoman Pat San Pedro. “So far we have placed about 40 of them.”

Frost suggests hiring musicians to celebrate a milestone, like a birthday or anniversary, or to serenade a loved one, or to play music at your next Sunday religious service. Music lessons are another option. The musicians can either perform virtually, coming to you on the small screen via Zoom, or they can perform in person, with appropriate social distancing. Go to: hire-a-frost-musician

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