From the Virtual to the Personal

Zoey Reva’s online Emporium has Moved from Clicks to Bricks on Alhambra

By Kim Rodriguez

September 2019

When you walk into her one and only showroom in the heart of Coral Gables you will personally be greeted by 23-year-old designer and entrepreneur Zoey Sage. Think of your dream closet and that’s what you will find here. Pretty white racks filled with fun, flirty dresses, two-piece sets, pink walls, French moldings, gold floral wallpaper, comfy furniture, tea, wine, water and all the photo-op moments a girl could want.

Zoey has been designing for contemporary girls for four years now, almost as an afterthought – even though she grew up immersed in the fashion industry, with her mom having started a local modeling agency. “I was 18, in high school, during finals week. Instead of studying for my math final, I designed my first ever capsule collection. I was sketching and fitting garments in my living room instead of solving equations for ‘X’. I might’ve not gotten the best grade, but who knew that my 18-year-old sketches would later turn into dresses that would be sold in stores worldwide.”

Those clothes, which she sold wholesale under the brand name Zoey Reva, are now available direct to the consumer via a full-fledged e-commerce site (which includes pieces from other brands as well) that she launched this year. Even more recently, she opened her brick and mortar store.

This is a big jump and a completely different business model, but if you know your target customer (in Sage’s case, 16- to 35-year-olds), it can be lucrative. For Sage, it’s also a chance to interact.

“There’s a huge difference between shopping your favorite brand online and in person,” she says – including helping Sage design by working directly with and listening to clients. “We are able to give our shoppers a place to connect with us, as well as each other, creating a sense of community through fashion,” she says. And being in central Coral Gables means a ZR girl can pop in after lunch or before happy hour begins.

Zoey Sage has joined fashion’s elite, launching her own retail store in Coral Gables

Zoey Reva is best known for its special event and casual day dresses, and two-piece sets, all with a girly flair using sophisticated lace, silks, and cottons. The quality of her locally made pieces is superb, with prices that range from only $56 to $132, fractions of what a retailer would sell them for.

She likes to call her designs “the pieces you never knew you needed, but can’t live without.” At present you can visit the showroom only by appointment (2 p.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays), or shop anytime on the e-commerce site – though it won’t be the same.

Zoey Reva
147 Alhambra Circle 305.389.7525