Virtual Summer Camp

With the school year ending, parents are faced with the question, “Will camps be open?” The answer is mixed. Even the Actors’ Playhouse summer camp, where the show must go on, is considering making at least their first virtual Summer Camp. Other local camps, like those at Gulliver, Palmer Trinity and Montessori, have already made plans to go online and “zoom in” for things like camp songs, dances and art classes.

You can also expect reductions in live-time camp at the Coral Gables Youth Center, which takes up to 800 kids each summer camp. “It won’t be our normal camp,” says Fred Couceyro, who directs the program. “If the county allows us, we will come up with a plan for a hybrid.” The problem, of course, is the potential spread of coronavirus. Any local live camp will involve small “fixed groups” that can be monitored. Sleepover camps have an advantage here, being able to test kids before they settle into what will amount to quarantined groups.

Local camps are considering their first Virtual Summer Camp
Local camps are considering their first virtual summer camp