Favorite Breakfasts

The World’s Best Egg Sandwich?

By Lizzie Wilcox

June 2019

Eggs. Bacon. Cheese. This classic, simple breakfast combination reaches new heights at Madruga Bakery (on Madruga Court, just across S. Dixie Highway from UM). For the most part, it’s a standard egg sandwich, but the tweaks and add-ons make it shine. Instead of a bagel or sliced bread holding everything together, they use fresh onion poppy rolls made in-house daily. The organic egg is fried over easy, so once you bite into it, you’re left with a pool of yolk for dipping.The Niman Ranch bacon is topped with Coastal Cheddar cheese, and then – straying further from your average egg sandwich – Madruga tops it off with sautéed spinach and fresh herb aioli. Pair it with a Counter Culture drip coffee or espresso, and you’re off to a delicious start of any day.