Euro Show

April 2018

On the corner of LeJeune and Miracle Mile is a euro-infused fashion realm called POOL LabShow, a luxury multi-brand fashion concept store. POOL’s mission: showcase a curated selection of innovative and exclusive European designer brands and contemporary labels. It is a breath of fresh air on Miracle Mile, and promises not to disappoint the most discerning of shoppers.

Spanish Co-founder Beatriz Carrillo opened POOL in the spring of 2016 at the intersection opposite the City Hall of Coral Gables. When asked why Coral Gables, she says “Upon moving here from Madrid I was unable to find the brands I loved from back home.”

Co-founder Beatriz Carrillo opened POOL in the spring of 2016

Carrillo had worked in luxury brand marketing in Madrid for more than 20 years, so when she landed in the Gables she was surprised at the void of cool European labels. She decided right then to bring that fashion sensibility and innovation to her new home. As for the name, “POOL” means togetherness, while LabShow encompasses the idea of displaying new, edgy designers all collaborating under one roof. 

“Pool LabShow represents the European flair that I would describe with one line: ‘Elegance is refusal,’” says Carrillo. “POOL LabShow is dedicated to a woman who knows her style and is loyal to it. A woman who is looking for quality, and unique and timeless pieces.” 

Carrillo carries European designer brands that cannot be found anywhere else in South Florida, including those from Cortana, Jorge Vazquez, Mes Demoiselles, and Giada Forte to name a few. 

The pieces can be whimsical, fancy, casual, chic, and all are stylish with a quality driven approach to fashion that is distinctly Euro. 

This spring and summer, her customers will find that the collections flutter from fantasy to classic. ”Individuality is expressed through a myriad of trends that are ready and waiting to be worn,” she says. 

POOL LabShow will next expand to Palm Beach, says Carillo, with a new store at the Royal Poinciana Plaza. With double the buying power, more European elegance will be heading to South Florida, to reach even more women who are looking for European elegance and a sophisticated
approach to dressing. But Palm Beach will be following the lead of Coral Gables.