Eduardo Cosentino

CEO, Cosentino North America

Cosentino’s father and uncle grew the family stone quarrying and supply business from 17 employees in Spain in 1979 to a global company that now employs 4,000 people in 82 countries. Beyond stone, the company developed ways of mixing raw materials into durable quartz, glass, and porcelain surfaces. Their North American expansion is largely due to Eduardo. He opened a division to serve the U.S. and Canada in Houston in 1998; this past year, the division netted a record $70 million.

Both history and heritage are incredibly important to the Cosentino business


Relocated the headquarters of Cosentino North America from Houston to Coral Gables last year, growing local staff from 35 to 117 employees.  


When I look at where our family’s business started and where we are today, I am both humbled and inspired,” says Cosentino, who also runs offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale. As for the HQ move to Mediterranean-inspired Coral Gables, “Both history and heritage are incredibly important to the Cosentino business, so we recognize the importance of honoring that history through architecture and design that preserves it,” he says. “What I like most [in the Gables] is the neighbors, the landscape, the historical charm, and the sense of community.” He calls Greater Miami an “indispensable reference point for the most prestigious architects and designers in the world.”