David Hernandez

Chief Risk Officer, BAC Florida Bank

June 2018

FIBA was first formed in 1979 to foster and support international banking in Miami, and along with that international trade, primarily in the Americas. Today it has 61 member banks and 51 members from ‘allied professions’ – i.e. lawyers, accounting firms, etc. Originally from New York, Hernandez has worked for eight years as Chief Risk Officer at BAC, a Coral Gables-based bank with $2 billion in assets. In this role, his familiarity with international risk management and compliance with U.S. banking regulations made him the perfect candidate to chair FIBA for the coming year. 


Recently named the chairman of the Florida International Bankers’ Association (FIBA)


“As Latin American economies begin to mature, and offer as much export as import opportunities, they have to go through a bank to finance that international trade. We see fostering this as a noble cause. If we can facilitate international trade between Latin America and the U.S. [now $1.6 billion annually] we are helping the economies of the region,” he says. When it comes to regulatory compliance, “We [FIBA] are the thought leaders in anti-money laundering and cyber security. In the world of international banking, we support the rule of law and the fight against money laundering and corruption – and that will be good for all the economies and people of the hemisphere.”