Danny and Lorraine Guiteras

Proprietors, The Globe Cafe

The Guiteras family has owned and operated The Globe Cafe on Alhambra Circle since 1997, when they converted the 1950s building into Mediterranean-style architecture with a stone-trimmed pediment framing a large globe. Using wood from a European church, the feeling inside is a combination of Old New York and the golden era of French culture at the turn of the 19th century, paintings and chandeliers included. Besides serving lunch and dinner daily, The Globe has kept the flame of jazz alive in the Gables with its three sets every Saturday night.

Danny and Lorraine Guiteras

Latest Achievement

After calling a halt during the pandemic,The Globe brought back its annual Cuba Libre block party (Danny’s parents fled Cuba in 1960) last October and will continue the tradition this year. They have also expanded their rare whiskey collection under the curation of Lorraine, who is from Ireland. The couple has also turned The Globe into a top private party locale with their back bar room and, most recently, become a popular location for weddings – performed in The Globe itself, priests and all. The couple also expects to expand their live music performances to Fridays and possibly Wednesday nights.

What They Say

“The Globe is a portal to another time and place that increasingly doesn’t exist anymore. We hear that from our customers all the time, and that was our goal, to create something ‘fin de siècle Paris,’” says Danny. “That is what we try to do every single day. We are in the theater and art business as much as we are in the hospitality business… Every time Lorraine and I step on that floor, we are on stage. We have to perform with the food, the ambiance, and the service.” Says Lorraine, “It doesn’t come more hands on than us.”