Cult of the White Lasagna

January 2020

Bugatti Restaurant likes to brag about its pasta, a pride that stems from their first incarnation in the Gables as a maker of the fresh stuff, daily. That started in 1985, before they were called Bugatti. The name came later, when they morphed into a pasta restaurant.

The pasta obsession continues, especially on the first two Wednesdays of each month, aka “white lasagna” days. White lasagna? That means hold the red sauce and amp up the cheese, while keeping the beef and noodles. “It’s an old Bolognese recipe,” says owner Klaus Frisch. “There is no secret to it. The difference is that ours is fresh when you get it.”

They also layer the noodle with béchamel sauce before the meat goes on, and the Parmesan is aged two years. $22. No reservations on Lasagna days, so come early or late for lunch or dinner.

Bugatti | 2504 Ponce de Leon Blvd. | 305.441.2545