COVID-19 Sidewalk Style

Watch out Wynwood and Art Basel. Some of the Trendiest Recent Street Art and Décor Can Now be Seen by Simply Taking a Stroll Down the Sidewalks of Coral Gables

Sidewalk chalk, graduation signs, heart-shaped tree ornaments, house signs thanking first responders, and painted cars is providing fierce competition. Some of these items, like sidewalk chalk, can now be added to the shortage of toilet paper, masks, and Lysol. Who knew we should have invested in such products months ago.

When we hear about a drive-by, we actually now think of birthday caravans and graduation celebrations with decorated cars. Additionally, graduate signs have been posted acknowledging this important milestone for our seniors. Instead of throwing on a cap and gown they can go virtual or wave from their front porches for what should make for a memorable and unique ceremony.  

sidewalk style

As we continue our home education, student Vanessa Herrero decided to take up sidewalk chalk for those walking by to learn more about plant identification. Sea Grape, Royal Poinciana, and Caribbean Mahogany are some of the trees she labeled in front of her home. She also added a request to, “Make every day Earth Day!”

sidewalk style

Families have even used artistic endeavors to celebrate the adoption of a rescue dog. Laura Keepax Sochet and her daughter Hayley commended the adoption of Russell the dog by neighbor Mari Arnold. The Sochet’s dog Max made it into the welcome mural next to Russell, hoping they will become friends. The mother and daughter team also chalked up their thanks to the health care providers at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. No one could enter or exit the hospital without crossing the sidewalk chalk’s huge thank you notes.

sidewalk style

One cannot miss Lisa Davison’s home, either. This former nurse saw the sidewalk chalk “thank you” being drawn in front of the hospital and shared that she had made a banner for them that covers the front of her house. She described how, “A resident from our service, who I hadn’t seen in four years, is now a chief, and rotating through Children’s. We got together out on the street – they appreciate being appreciated.” 

Despite the pandemic, it is refreshing to see that art lives on in various ways, as does our support of each other. As best put by Mr. Rogers, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” Thank you, helpers!