September Quick Bites

Poolside Tacos 

Coral Gables Quick Bites

There are not many dining experiences in the Gables as pleasant as sitting poolside at the Biltmore in their outdoor Cascade restaurant. But they have recently upped the ante with a new menu, including these tacos with onion blackened mahi, lime, and lots more ($18).

Mole Olé 

For months this past Spring and Summer, the Mexican restaurant Talavera was closed for renovations. It’s now back open with an even better menu. Our favorite dish is the mole (beef, chicken, or pork) in a sauce of 30 ingredients, including dried chilies, garlic, sesame seed, cumin, and chocolate ($22).

Low-Cost Mollusks 

Coral Gables Quick Bites

Oysters these days do not come cheap. It’s not uncommon to see them priced at $3, $4, or even $5 each. It is therefore an oyster-eaters delight to know that Gringo’s Oyster Bar is still offering theirs at $18 for the dozen (do the math). Tues.-Fri., 3 pm to 6 pm, inflation be damned.

Chicken with a Kick 

Yes, we know it’s a chain. But we can forgive Cheesecake Factory for their 250+ menu choices. And, yes, we know they sell high-calorie cheesecakes. But this Thai chicken salad ($16.50) is just 1210 calories! (Oh wait, that’s still more than half your daily recommended calorie allowance!)

Lobster Smoothie 

Coral Gables Quick Bites - Mesa Mar

If you want the freshest fish, few restaurants compare with Mesa Mar. But what is also excellent at this “table of the sea” are their crustaceans, especially when dressed in one of their tangy, creamy sauces. Pictured is their lobster ravioli in a vodka sauce ($35)