Coral Gables continues to evolve – New Faces. New Places 

Even though it is steeped in tradition and history, Coral Gables continues to evolve. Part of that is reflected in its demographics, and part of that is reflected in the retail landscape. For a perspective on both, here are the latest updates. 

New Faces 

Historically, the Gables has skewed to an older demographic, with a median age older than 50. Current figures show that we are getting younger. In the latest census, the median age of Gable residents is now 39. The biggest single population group is still those 65 and older (8,700), but the second largest cluster is aged 20 to 29 (7,280). Neck and neck are those 10 to 19 and those 50 to 59 (6,758 vs. 6,835). Females are still the majority, at 53 percent vs. 47 percent male. 

New Places 

With most of the retail and hospitality damage from the pandemic occurring in 2020, a significant number of new restaurants and stores opened in 2021, albeit with a few more casualties. Here is a sampling: 

Restaurants That Opened in 2021 

Bay 13 - Gables continues to evolve
Bay 13
Gables continues to evolve - Orno Restaurant
Orno Restaurant

Asago; Baires; Christy’s (had closed in March 2020); Bay 13; Forte; Luca Osteria; Orno; Randazzo’s; Seasy; Sweetgreen; Las Tapas Gables; The One on Sunset; Zitz Sum 

Restaurants That Closed in 2021 

Buenos Aires Bistro; Eating House; Giardino; Green Gables Café; Gusto Fino Café; The Local; Mint Leaf; Swensen’s; Taste of India 

Retail That Opened in 2021 

Aya Taha Gallery; The Bakery Smoke Shop; Bliss Imprints & Gifts; DGX (convenience store); Janus et Cie; L’Artisane Bakery; Life Time Fitness; Stem Boutique; Trader Joe’s; Veranda Plants & Gifts 

Retail That Closed in 2021 

Burn Boot Camp; The Hairy Ape; Home Design Store; Brooklyn Fitboxing; Martell Deco Art Gallery