Comings & Goings

November 2019


Carrot Express is the latest health rage on Miracle Mile, serving up healthy fare that also tastes good. Complex veggies salads run $11, with a $5 surcharge to throwing in a protein.

The Cheesecake Factory is not the latest health rage, which is why many Gableites are looking forward to the chain opening on Ponce and Andalusia on Nov. 26. Okay, so they have healthy “super” foods. But the $9 fresh strawberry cheesecake? Yes!

Rodilla is a known brand in Spain, where the artisanal eatery has 160 locations. Now opening on Miracle Mile, we can’t wait for their amazing crustless sandwiches of tuna, walnuts and port cheese; chicken curry; mushroom, red pepper and anchovy – and on and on.


Miracle Mile can be tough on fast food joints that aren’t entirely unique. The loss of Burger Fi can probably be notched up to the double hits of Clutch Burger and Pincho on Giralda.

John Kunkel’s experiment in the Chef-driven concept Ad Lib did not survive the departure of its driving chef, Norman van Aken, who departed to oversee his projects in Central Florida. John, could you please bring back Swine to that spot on Ponce?

Even with the addition of the cool concept of Room 25 atop Seek & Find, and even after a decided shift to Peruvian food in the bar-heavy Millennial aimed downstairs restaurant, the coveted corner restaurant spot on Ponce and Valencia has burned out.