Cleaning Bot 2.0

By Cyn Zarco

May 2018


In this lazy-day era of self-driving cars, now there’s a smart way to clean your house without being there. Introducing Miele’s Scout RX2 (sounds like R2-D2), a luxury robotic Roomba, if you will, that sweeps the floor at your command via its MobileControl app. And you thought Miele only made great kitchen appliances. 


Scout’s Home Vision stereo cameras transmit live images direct to your iOS or Android cell phone so you can watch it work from anywhere. (Tip: Doubles as spyware!) Its new Quattro Cleaning Power feature sweeps dirt under the unit, where a beater bar brushes all coarse dirt up and the fine particles are sucked into an easy-to-empty dust container. Super neat. Scout’s 3D Smart Navigation enables it to travel from floor to carpet and roam around the room avoiding collisions. It does corners, too, and you can control its path manually via your phone. 


Over drinks at a bar, people want to come over after dinner. Start your engines! Choose from several “flight plans” (mapped grids) then set the timer to stop and park dear Scout back in its charging station before your ETA. Ta-da! 

Price: $799
4218 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
1.800.843.7231 x 5849