Latest News from City Hall

During Recent Meetings, City Commissioners…

Heard from its lobbyist team in Tallahassee, which had secured funding for a number of projects – including $300,000 for dredging canals and $300,000 for sidewalk construction – all of which were vetoed by Gov. Ron DeSantis post-coronavirus. There were some policy victories, however, including pushbacks on bills that would have reduced the city’s sovereignty, and interfered with building design and fiscal transparency. “All in all, it was a good year,” said Nelson Diaz of Southern Strategy.

Opposed a move by the county to “harden” the signal lights at Granada and Coral Way, which would create a huge metal arms over a historic intersection. The option of a roundabout will be pursued.

In honor of World Stroke Day, made note of the city’s new and unique use of telemedicine that links emergency personnel to neurologists at Baptist or Jackson Memorial hospitals.

Increased its fines for contractors who discharge trash, garbage or pollutants into Gables waterways to $15,000.

Honored District 7 County Commissioner Xavier Suarez, for his help with the various city issues, including money for the Commodore Trail, city trolleys, and to refurbish the Coral Gables Library ($3 million).

Approved the renaming of the area south of Bird Road between Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Le Jeune Road as the “Design & Innovation District.”

Delayed approval of the new zoning code, except for single family housing changes, until the Dec. 8 City Commission meeting.