Christy’s Revival

One of Coral Gables Most Iconic Restaurants Reopens

Christy’s is one of the Gables’ oldest restaurants, a place that would have fit into the TV series “Mad Men,” back when steak was considered a health food and the two-martini lunch was de rigueur. And so, it was sad to see the venerable house of prime rib, Caesar salad and shrimp cocktails close their doors last March, apparently never to reopen – especially after June when the owners sold the building.

In the following months, however, Chris Klaic – the restaurant’s managing partner for more than two decades and owner of its intellectual property – decided Christy’s was not ready to go. Taking on investor Michael Bromley as partner, Klaic rented the original Ponce de Leon Boulevard premises from its new owners, upgraded the interior and is reopening this month.

Christy’s is reopening this month.
General Manager Julianna Aluma, Managing Partner Chris Klaic, Partner Michael Bromley.

“We still have the sconces and the red walls, but we went to very contemporary art. We also put in two chandeliers, one in the bar,” says Klaic, who hopes to attract a new wave of younger clientele. For the old-school customers, he says the menu will remain the same, as will the staff, most of whom have returned.

To emphasize its history, for its first three days open (Feb. 9-11), Christy’s will serve four items from its original 1978 menu – filet mignon, New York strip steak, onion soup and Caesar salad – at the original prices. That means $9 each for the steaks and $1.50 each for the soup or salad. Remember when the dollar was king? “This place has so much history. We want to keep it going, but with a modern twist – as long as we don’t change the food,” says Klaic.

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  • February 11, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    We went there two years ago. The salad is now ala carte and the prices are high. The drinks are a lousy pour! 5 of us decided we were Not going back!

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