Chris G. Korge

Attorney, Businessman, Democratic Party Fundraiser

June 2019

After earning a law degree at Temple University in 1981, Chris Korge began his legal career as an attorney for the cities of Miami Beach and Miami before entering private practice, first with Holland & Knight. He moved on to other firms, becoming a specialist in government contracts, legislative affairs and land use. In 1998, Korge started the law firm of Korge & Korge with his brother. Now 64, Korge is best known as a developer and businessman — his NewsLink operates concessions in nine U.S. airports — as well as a major fundraiser for the Democratic Party. He served as National Co-Chair for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, and raised millions for the campaigns of Andrew Gillum and Hillary Clinton.

Latest Achievement

In May, Korge accepted what may be the highest-profile job of his career when he was named finance chair for the Democratic National Committee, responsible, he says, “for raising north of $400 million” in the run-up to the 2020 election. In announcing his appointment, DNC Chairman Tom Perez said, “Democrats across the country will be in good hands with [Korge] leading the charge.”

What He Says

“Democrats are cause-driven – right to choose, healthcare, income disparity – so typically the people that give us money are doing it because of their social agenda,” he says. “The way to raise all this money is to identify people who have a philanthropic attitude. They are not looking for some kind of favor. We have wealthy people give money because they care that everyone has healthcare.” Korge is the first to admit that raising money for political campaigns “takes a lot of work, a lot of meetings, a lot of phone conversations, and a lot of credibility.” Having said that, he feels he can meet his ambitious goals. “People are charged. People are concerned about social issues,” he says. “With Donald Trump being president, he’s our best fundraising tool. ”