Carolina Rendeiro

Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Connect2Global

March 2019

Carolina Rendeiro has been involved in workplace innovation, international trade, and Coral Gables for more than three decades. Most recently she was president of the World Strategic Forum (2016-2018) and VP of International Development for eMerge Americas (2013-2016). She previously founded the first co-working space and incubator program in Coral Gables, and was president of the Global Workspace Association. She sits on the boards of BB&T, Sister Cities International, the Coral Gables Economic Development Department, and the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce (she was chairman 2007- 2008). Rendeiro is also executive director of Sister Cities of Florida, the incoming president of the Miami Chapter of the Organization of Women in International Trade, and lives in downtown Coral Gables.


Rendeiro recently returned from her native Portugal, where she is working to establish a sister city for Coral Gables, and to encourage investment
in both directions. She is also consulting on technology for schools and government services in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, and working to attract a fashion institute from London.


“People are so close to what we have here, that they don’t actually understand what we have here,” says Rendeiro. “The EU uses us as a launch point for businesses [in the U.S. and Latin America] because we have the diversity, the melting pot of cultures. We also have the people with knowledge, that have been in this market a very long time and know how to interconnect it.”

Rendeiro wants to see more U.S. investment in Europe because it will come back to us. “This is how we differ [from Europeans]. We want everything as direct investments into us. The EU looks at it as a two-way street that will benefit us all in the long run.”