Birds of a Feather

An Elegant Design Shop Brings Style to Andalusia Avenue

By Mallory Evans Jacobson // Photos by Lizzie Wilcox

May 2019

Although owning a home décor shop was never on her radar, Susana Cisneros now can’t imagine doing anything else. For four years, she and her mother Magita Rojas have been purveying designer furnishings and accessories at Plume, a chic shop in the heart of downtown Gables.

While Rojas’ transition to retail was linear – she previously operated namesake interior design firm, Magita Designs – Cisneros’ move was more unexpected. Although she always had an interest in design and fashion, Cisneros never envisioned joining her mother’s field until Rojas needed help with her business. “After I graduated from college, I was working at NBC’s Channel 6 in digital marketing,” she says. “But a few years later, I realized that I could use my skill set to assist my mom in creating a marketing plan and promoting her craft.”

The idea for the shop came in 2015, as a result of their own frustrations in sourcing interior design elements without having to traverse all of Miami. “We were forever looking for a place to buy cool stuff, but it didn’t exist. We wanted to fill that need,” says Cisneros. From that challenge, Plume was born.

When it comes to design, people are frequently overwhelmed

Susana Cisneros

Cisneros and Rojas quickly decided to shed the interior design aspect of their business — although they still offer design consultations on a smaller scale — and instead focus on offering home décor with a focus on lighting, pillows, and wallpaper – which Rojas says is now making a comeback. One room of their shop is devoted to displays of colorful and inventive wallpaper designs.

For their other offerings, they display a wide range of interesting objects, from Chinese vases to designer coasters. In addition to stocking offerings from high-end labels such as Arteriors, Pierre Frey, and Regina Andrew, they also carry very affordable designer goods. “We try to have all price ranges,” says Cisneros. “Our pillows, which are our passion, are priced from $50 to $500. Our hand blown glass vases go from $200 to $1,000.” They also continue to add to their repertoire based on what’s trending.

“We know that many people are looking to the Internet to shop for their home, but most of what we offer cannot be found online,” says Cisneros. “We see value in brick and mortar because when it comes to design, people are frequently overwhelmed.” Instead Plume offers the simpler experience of hands-on shopping.

And why Coral Gables? “The city is special to us because it’s incredibly charming, of course,” Cisneros says. “We wanted to be part of a community that reveres both its architecture and its history.”

Plume offers the simpler experience of hands-on shopping rather than ordering online


218 Andalusia Avenue


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    It is such a lovely and refreshing experience to shop at Plume. Tasteful and unique.

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