Birds of a Feather – Wealth Management in the Gables.

When you Think About Wealth in South Florida, you Immediately Think of Coral Gables

Mark A. Trowbridge is the President and CEO of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

As a business community, we excel in the wealth management industry sector. I am especially proud of the cross-section of private wealth management firms that call the Gables home, many of which have done so for decades. 

Our community is home base to some of the wealthiest individuals in Greater Miami, creating this niche and need for incredible wealth management firms that service their clients at the highest levels. The value of real estate alone in the Gables creates a strong foundation for generational wealth that is often just the next stop on a journey to longer-term investments and financial security. 

In this latest issue of Coral Gables Magazine, Doreen Hemlock does a deep dive into the various firms that call The City Beautiful home. Many of the featured companies highlighted in the article are also longtime members of our Chamber

For years, these wealth management firms have seen the value in connecting with local business owners first and then cultivating their association as the client grows their business and their family. It is a deeply personal relationship that requires candor and collaboration – from the nascent to retirement. 

As we see a greater migration of companies into Florida and the Gables, fueled by a business climate that is open and inviting, there will be an even stronger need for these firms that are built for not only wealth but have a penchant for planning like never before. New arrivals seek local expertise, not who their families have worked with for generations. They are charting their own course to financial security. 

Given the uncertainty that still exists around COVID-19, the last 18 months have created a culture of preparation. And, with many of us holed up and hunkered down like never before, we are even more engaged in planning for our futures as we become savvy, highly expectant partners in the process. 

CEOs like myself understand that I have less time left in the workforce than I have already put in – maybe 12 to15 years on the clock to get it right. So, I know the next chapter of my life is about working with a professional who will help me in preparing for the last one. Like so many of you, I rely upon the experts to tell me how to get there. 

Finally, when we sell the Gables, we talk about our top-tier industries: real estate, banking, professional service companies, and of course, wealth management firms, led by outstanding brands like Fiduciary Trust International of the South, Coral Gables Trust Co, VIM Global Advisors, City National Bank, Grove Bank & Trust, Amerant Bank, Integrity Wealth Advisors of Raymond James, and of course, the firm that manages the Chamber’s endowment fund, the Al Maulini Group at Morgan Stanley (a GEM investor). These are trusted brands you can have confidence in, led by outstanding, credible leaders in their field who will provide you great guidance. They are the best of the best. 

Just as we have all come to expect in Coral Gables.