Best Bakeries Guide

French Baguette: Gustave 

French Baguette: Gustave 

If a superb baguette is what you seek, look no further than Gustave. While you can enjoy this French staple (let’s face it, the French Revolution was sparked by a baguette shortage in 1789) as a sliced addendum to your onion soup, you’ll want one to-go from their small but excellent selection of French baked goods. Theirs has a perfect, chewy consistency and rich flavor. Just make sure to get there early, especially on weekends. 366 Miracle Mile. (305) 640-5675. Opens at 8 am Tues.-Sat., 9 am Sun. Closes at 4 pm except Thurs.-Sat. (10 pm). 

Vegan Croissant: L’Artisane 

Vegan Croissant: L’Artisane 

Vegan doesn’t have to mean unappetizing. L’Artisane, Coral Gables’ first entirely vegan French bakery on Ponce de Leon, proves itself with pastries that we will most definitely be returning for. Recommended: the Nicciolata Croissant. Tasty, not to mention beautiful, this golden croissant is crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and stuffed with nutella. Another recommendation: the Monkey Bread. Think a cinnamon roll-like shape and flavor but not as moist, with caramel and topped with hardened chocolate. 2526 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Mon.-Sun. 7:30 am to 7 pm. (786) 502-8595 

Exquisite Desserts: Bachour 

Best Bakeries for Exquisite Desserts: Bachour

For elegant baked desserts, Bachour is the place. Yes, they have lots of lovely breakfast pastries. But it’s their extraordinarily crafted desserts, each like a work of art, that elevate Bachour to the culinary Olympus where world-class pastry chef Antonio Bachour resides. These glazed concoctions, often with unusual fruit flavors (plus chocolate), are displayed like jewels in glass cases, and sent home in Tiffany any blue boxes, glued with sugar to avoid sliding around. 2020 Salzedo St. Mon.-Sat. 7 am to 9 pm. (305) 203-0552 

Fresh Bread: Madruga 

Best Bakeries for Fresh Bread: Madruga 

Just south of US 1 near UM lies Madruga Bakery, the only complete bakery in the Gables. And that means freshly baked bread. Theirs is baked from scratch daily with organic flour; the wheat is stone-milled in house, preserving its full nutrition. We went for the Country Blonde Loaf, which had a tough, tasty bread crust and soft inner texture with a flavorful sourdough taste; mass-produced breads just can’t compare. And they don’t lack for options, offering fresh ciabatta, poppyseed rolls, multigrain, Jewish rye and more. On the corner of Madruga Avenue and Madruga Court. Wed.-Sun. 8 am–2 pm (305) 262-6130. 

Chocolate Goodies: Chocolate Fashion 

Best Bakeries for Chocolate Goodies: Chocolate Fashion 

Chocolate Fashion’s glass display case is so stocked with delicious chocolate desserts it’s difficult to make a choice. Our recommendation: the Opera and the Chocolate Eclair. The Opera is a small rectangular pastry comprised of almond cake stacked with layers of coffee mousse and chocolate mousse. Almost too beautiful to eat. The Chocolate Eclair is another delicious choice, a soft oval shaped cookie topped with a thin layer of hardened chocolate and stuffed with a chocolate filling. 248 Andalusia Ave. (305) 461-3200. Open Tues.-Sat. 7 am–3 pm; Sun 8 am–3 pm.