Asian Treasures

A Golden Shop in the Heart of the Gables

November 2018

The Golden Triangle is the area of Southeast Asia where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet at the confluence of the Mekong and Ruak rivers. It is also an unlikely gift shop on a side street in the middle of downtown, where it has been standing for just shy of two decades. 

Owned by Thai native Preeya Disyanan, the Golden Triangle on Galiano Street is nearly overflowing with jewelry, crystals, essential oils, sage, singing bowls, polished stones, tarot cards, clothing, Buddha statues and various handmade items from Asia. It is also often overflowing with customers, and not unusual to find it full of shoppers even on a weekend evening. 

Despite the packed space, The Golden Triangle has a calm atmosphere. Maybe it’s the rack of essential oils, the collection of incense, or the sound of water trickling from tiny fountains in the scattered statues.  

The Golden Triangle has a little bit of everything, at all price ranges, and all of it authentic, according to Disyanan. She personally choses all items from Asian vendors, including one in Tibet. Their most popular gifts? Healing stones and incense. 

 – Lizzie Wilcox 

The Golden Triangle 

2308 Galiano St.