Along for the Ride

Suncycling Tracks the Trend for Alternate Transportation

December 2018

As people look for environmentally friendly ways to travel that don’t involve a car, bicycling looms as a healthy alternative. Some 12.5 percent of Americans cycle on a regular basis, creating a $6 billion annual market for bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories. That is good news for SunCycling, launched on Ponce in April by Gables resident Oliver de Abreu. It’s his third shop in the Miami area (including Hialeah and Coconut Grove) and one that he believes holds promise. “We think that Coral Gables [residents] have the potential to buy good quality bikes,” de Abreu says. 

Born in Venezuela, de Abreu moved to Madrid and then to the Gables two years ago. It was in Madrid where hegot the cycling bug and decided to make a business of it. New bikes can sell for a few hundred dollars to upwards of $1,000; his shop also sells biking accessories, from shoes to helmets. 

In terms of trends, de Abreu says sales are up for foldable bikes, the best choice for apartment dwellers. De Abreu also nodded to the future of cycling: E-bikes, electronic bikes that can go over 20 mph and last for 120 miles on a fully-charged battery. In the meantime, he says, his biggest customer base are people who want to commute on two wheels. “We need to support other means of transport,” he says. 

– Lizzie Wilcox