A Vision from the Past

The Return of Art from the Middle Ages to the Deering Estate

October 2019

Mogul Charles Deering was nothing if not a great collector of art. Among the master works of his collection were two stain glass panels which came from 16th century European chapels – quite rare to have survived not only the destruction of religious icons during the Reformation but also to have escaped the subsequent destruction of Europe during the world wars.

After the death of Deering in 1927, the panels were put into storage in Chicago for years. They were subsequently donated to the Deering Estate by Charles Deering’s daughters, Marion and Barbara.

“It is amazing to think that these works of art that hung in the Stone House almost 100 years ago will go back on display for the public to enjoy,” said Maria McDonald, President of the 100 Ladies of Deering, the philanthropic arm of The Deering Estate Foundation, Inc., that oversaw the project.

Both pieces depict the Flight into Egypt motif, when, according to the Gospel of Matthew, Joseph and Mary fled with the baby Jesus to escape King Herod.

The newly restored pieces will go on permanent display at the Deering Estate beginning October 19.