A Loan With That Latte?

April 2018

With the new Miracle Mile evolving quickly towards a Café Society identity, can it be any wonder that banks would follow suit? Banks? Now comes Capital One Café, a marriage between Peet’s Coffee and Capital One Bank. Located at 50 Miracle Mile, the latest evolution in retail banking is part of a nationwide rollout in select cities. 

The concept: Come on in, order a coffee, and lounge around on some mod-looking couches while talking personal finance with a cool, Capital One banker. Yes, these days just about everybody wants to bank digitally. But they also want the personal touch. 

“They want a human connection,” says Mike Friedman, the Capital One Marketing Lead for Florida, Virginia, and Philadelphia, explaining that Capital One Cafes gives people – including gun-shy Millenials — a more relaxed environment for just that. “They are a place where people can recharge their bank accounts, devices and lives while learning new ways to manage their money, try out new digital and financial tools, or simply grab a great cup of coffee or local pastry,” he says.